Why Choose Us?

We are an independent practice that wants to get to know you and your pet personally. Our goal is to provide excellent clinical and client care. We believe that treating each animal individually and tailoring our care and treatments to your needs is the best way to achieve this.

Our whole ethos revolves around providing excellent service from the moment you walk into the practice. You will be greeted by our client care team and made to feel comfortable to ask any questions to our vets. We are here to help with it all.

One of our main goals is to get back to the old-fashioned values of veterinary care where your pet could see the same vet throughout its life, and you can talk to us about anything that concerns you. We encourage you to pick up the phone or just drop in to say hello and find out more about our services.

The Founding of Noah’s Ark

As a business we wanted to support our team, enjoy our work and build a unique relationship with each and every one of our clients, without the threat of spreadsheets and targets getting in the way. This, coupled together with us wanting to cuddle as many animals as possible are the underlying principles behind Noah’s Ark being born. Of course, this was all done over a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits one evening!

The search for a building was the first steppingstone, and it took us long enough! We searched high, we searched low. Then, Eureka, we found our forever home in the old HSBC bank at the heart of Maghull, we knew straight away this is where we belonged. The mammoth task of building the vets began, during this time it was lovely how many people within the community stopped and chatted to us about the vets. Then before we knew it, we were open! During our first few months, we built relationships with multiple local business and volunteer groups and felt that we had become a part of the community. As the weeks became months, we met more and more lovely people and their pets who we welcomed into our arms and in returned welcomed us to the area. We cannot wait to meet you so feel free to drop in and say hello when every you are passing by!

From the three best friends!