Our Policies

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Centre Returned Medicines Policy

The British Veterinary Association Code of Practice on Medicines (2000) states:

“Once stock has been dispensed, it should not be accepted back into the dispensary. No returned goods should be offered for resale because there may have been problems with storage conditions beyond the veterinarian’s control.”

This means that we cannot give refunds for returned medications as we are obliged to dispose of them. Out of date or unused medicines can be returned to Eden Vets for disposal. Unfortunately, no refunds can be offered.

Unlicensed Drugs and Off Label Use of Drugs

Most drugs used in the treatment of veterinary patients are licensed for use in the appropriate species. However, licensing is a costly process, and it may not be worthwhile for drug companies to license drugs which are used uncommonly. In addition, new drugs may not be licensed when first introduced. Also, some drugs may be licensed to treat one condition, but not other conditions that have been shown to benefit from treatment with the drug. For these reasons, the vet’s treating your pet may want to use drugs that are not licensed in animals, or are licensed for the treatment of other diseases, or treatment of other species. Always, the vet’s aim is to provide the best possible treatment for the patient.

Your personal information

Upon registration we only collect basic personal data about you to enable us to provide a veterinary service. The data does not include any Special category data (as defined by the ICO). It does however, include name, address, email and phone number.

We use your personal information to maintain booking records and to contact you. We may use the information to notify you about our news, products and services, process payments, and administer your account.

We may be required to share your data with Third party organisation on a ‘Legitimate Interest’ basis. For example, we may share your details with referral centres, laboratories, or insurance companies.

We have implemented the appropriate security to protect the personal information you disclose to us from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. All personal information you provide to us on our practice management software is held on our password protected secure servers for as long as is reasonably necessary.

Any personal information provided to us by means of signed paper consent forms is scanned in and uploaded onto our practice management software. The hard copies, on the rare occasion are stored in our locked facility situated above the practice.

If you receive reminders or notifications about our products and services, you can request for your personal information to be taken off these lists, so you do not receive any further updates. Please do so either directly at reception, by telephoning, or by putting your request in writing. Please allow 30 days for changes to be updated and completed.

We may amend or update this policy to keep it up to date with current data protection and privacy laws, or to reflect changes in our business practices. We will publish changes to our Privacy Policy online; we advise you to check our Privacy Policy regularly.

Acceptable Behaviour at Noah’s Ark Veterinary Centre

It is important that our practice is always a safe place to work and visit. Clients and staff must not feel threatened. The practice team will always work with clients to resolve difficulties when they arise.

The practice has clear procedures and a Zero Tolerance Policy on unacceptable behaviour.

Such unacceptable behaviours include, but are not limited to:
  • Any display of a violent temper
  • Shouting or raised voice, pointing fingers
  • Not engaging with staff positively
  • Being pushy or trying to intimidate staff
  • Hostile or aggressive behaviour
  • Threats, swearing, spitting
Clients will be warned if their behaviour is unacceptable and asked to stop. Where clients do not comply, they will receive notice of the withdrawal of our services.